Posted by: miktechnology | July 9, 2011

Proposed Egypt’s Renaissance​ ​Project

Proposed Egypt’s Renaissance​ ​Project – مشروع  نهضة مصر

Transforming the mid-Saharan Qattara Depression region (30,000 square kilometers) into a completely self-sustainable and habitable community for 3-5 million people, generating well paid jobs for multitude of citizens, working in advanced industries and modern agricultural activities, relying primarily on MIK Technology for hypersaline osmotic power generation of 3-4 Gigawatts of power to be used in constructing the new Qattara city, desalinate billions of cubic meters of brackish and agricultural drainage waters to cultivate one million acres, creating the largest manmade inland aquatic habitat and world-class resorts in the midst of Egypt’s western desert.
Download complete English/Arabic versions HERE


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